RACER.com sees record-breaking month of May

RACER.com solidifies its ranking as the Number 1 motorsports-exclusive sports media site in the U.S.

RACER.com broke new records for audience traffic and growth during the month of May. With 408,034 users representing an increase of 7.82% over May 2016, site traffic grew to serve 2,947,910 page views (+2.05%), thanks to a 10.3% gain in user sessions (1,275,317).

According to industry standard ranking site, Alexa.com, with these audience traffic figures, RACER.com solidifies its Number 2 ranking overall for auto racing sites in the U.S.A. behind NASCAR.com, and is the Number 1 sports media website in the country devoted exclusively to motorsports. The United States led the way on user sessions, accounting for 81.9%, followed by Canada (5.6%) and Great Britain (3.6%), based on metrics from Google Analytics.

"Our small, but mighty, team of web editors, combined with exclusive correspondents on site at Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, IMSA, PWC and WEC events, among others, has continued to make RACER.com the go-to resource for motorsports news and analysis in the United States," said Paul Pfanner, founder and CEO of Racer Media & Marketing, Inc. "Their hard work has been honored by these strong audience numbers, proving that if you want to know what's happening anywhere in the world of racing, RACER.com is the site to go to."

Arguably the biggest racing day on the calendar with the Grand Prix of Monaco, Indianapolis 500, Coca Cola 600 and conclusion of the Nürburgring 24 Hours all taking place on May 28th, RACER.com enjoyed 27% growth over the same race day last year, recording 35,424 users navigating through 48,683 sessions on the day alone.

RACER's social media platforms also saw healthy spikes in engagement. Throughout the month of May, RACER's social team pumped out 158 Tweets that garnered 2,590,000 impressions. On Facebook, RACER posts reached 1,646,679 potential users with 745,793 actively engaging. Facebook video posts were viewed 828,132 times. The RACER Channel on YouTube was watched 616,037 times for a total of 1,767,146 minutes.

"It may be hard to believe, but RACER.com is now celebrating its 20th anniversary, and it's better than ever," said Laurence Foster, RACER's editor-in-chief. "Racers don't rest on results, and neither will we. Our team will continue to work on keeping RACER.com the top motorsports-centered site in the country by delivering first-class coverage across the spectrum of national and international motorsports. Web users have responded by rewarding us with genuine, robust growth that's been verified by third-party sources."

The RACER.com team is led by editor Mark Glendenning, executive editor Andrew Crask and associate editor Alison Sneag. In the field covering Formula 1 are Chris Medland and Will Buxton. IndyCar coverage is led by Robin Miller and Marshall Pruett. Pruett also leads national sports car coverage along with Stephen Kilbey creating exclusive coverage of the WEC and Le Mans, while in NASCAR, Kelly Crandall is reporting.

"What continues to set us apart is not just our on site reports and videos, but our commitment to dig a little deeper and pursue stories a little farther to give our audience the most thorough story possible," said RACER.com editor Mark Glendenning. "Our aim has never been to generate click-bait headlines, but to serve our readers faithfully with stories about what's happening within the sport they love."

About Racer Media & Marketing, Inc.
Based in Irvine, CA with a sales office in London, Racer Media & Marketing publish RACER, celebrating its 25th anniversary, RACER.com, celebrating its 20th anniversary and the Sports Car Club of America's official publication, SportsCar. In addition, RACER Studio has produced creative, content and brand communication strategies for many of North America's top sanctioning bodies, manufacturers, promoters and sponsors. Racer Media & Marketing, Inc. is privately owned.

Welcome Back Raelyn

Raelyn Stokes, Business Development (L) & Nicole  Szawlowski, Advertising Director (R)

Raelyn Stokes, Business Development (L) & Nicole  Szawlowski, Advertising Director (R)

As a start to celebrate the 25th anniversary of RACER magazine, beginning with our June issue, it's appropriate that we welcome back Raelyn Stokes.

Longtime advertisers may remember her as Raelyn Skiver from her first tenure with RACER between 1994 and 2007. Since then, she has served as Corporate Sales Director for K1 Speed indoor karting centers where she helped to oversee a large expansion of that business across the country.

Now, 10 years later, but ever as enthusiastic, Raelyn is back with RACER in the key role of business development. Her strategy and networking skills will be a huge asset to us at RACER as we embark on next 25 years.

Join me in welcoming her back and send her a message at raelyn@racer.com, or give her a ring on 949.417.6705.

Speaking of our 25th anniversary, there's still time to get in the June issue with an ad page or native content initiative. That issue starts mailing on April 6, so if you're interested, we'll need to move fast.

The Long Beach Grand Prix is also coming up soon. Let me know if you'll be there too so we can say hi.

All the best,


Racer Media & Marketing embarks on fourth decade as publisher of SPORTSCAR Magazine

As the official publication of the Sports Car Club of America, SportsCar magazine has been in circulation since 1944, then known as Sport Wagon, and since 1984 one company has published every issue. With the recently mailed February 2017 issue the Irvine, California based Racer Media & Marketing, Inc. has commenced its 10th consecutive contract to publish the magazine on behalf of the SCCA.

"I've been in the media and publishing business since the mid-1970s, working on magazines like FORMULA, Finish Line for the SCCA's Cal Club region, Alfa Owner for the Alfa Romeo Owner's Club and il Quadrafoglio for Alfa Romeo" said Racer Media & Marketing founder, President and Executive Publisher, Paul Pfanner. "But, I have to give a lot of credit for all the relationships and the market-leading position that we've been able to build over the years to winning that first publishing contract with the SCCA. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with the SCCA National Office staff directors and members, and we simply couldn't ask for better partners."

Pfanner began publishing SportsCar with the January 1984 issue under the auspices of Pfanner+Catheron+Brown Publications, which eventually became Pfanner Communications, Inc., and then merged with sister company Racer Communications, Inc., which published RACER magazine and RACER.com. The majority of Racer Communications, Inc. was purchased by Haymarket Publishing in January 2001, and Pfanner continued to serve as president under Haymarket majority ownership. Pfanner departed the company at the end of 2005 to re-launch Pfanner Communications as a marketing and brand consultancy in partnership with long-time SportsCar and RACER publisher, Bill Sparks. Pfanner and Sparks returned to repurchase the group in March 2012, renaming it Racer Media & Marketing, Inc. Across all those iterations, the SportsCar publishing contract has remained within the same core publishing team.

"We've remained as publishers of SportsCar for 33 years certainly due to the exceptional service, quality and partnership our team has been able to deliver to the SCCA," says Pfanner. "Many publishers might have been able to offer the same thing. However, no publisher has ever matched the sustained passion and knowledge we bring as genuine racers and life-long SCCA-members to working on a daily basis with SportsCar. There's just no substitute for that level of commitment."

Pfanner was an SCCA Formula Ford competitor and served as SportsCar's art director, editor and racecar track test driver for the prior publisher from 1978 through 1979 before starting his own company. SportsCar's current editor, Philip Royle, is the longest-serving editor in SportsCar history, having been with the company since 2005. Both Royle and SportsCar Associate Editor, Jason Isley are SCCA Club racers and autocrossers. In 2015, Royle earned an SCCA National Championship Runoffs National Championship victory in the T4 class while Isley has scored three consecutive SCCA Runoffs H Production class silver medals (2014-2016) and a pole position in 2015. Isley also has four SCCA Solo National Championships in the mid-2000s to his credit.

In commenting on the company's milestone 10th Publishing Agreement with the SCCA, Royle said: "SportsCar magazine is a vibrant record of SCCA's remarkable history. As an active member of the SCCA, I take my job as the editor of SportsCar seriously, not only because the magazine is read by SCCA's highly engaged participant members each month, but also because it acts as witness to today's great accomplishments within the Club. The records that are broken, the titles that are won and the safety innovations that are created are all chronicled in SportsCar, placing these modern-day SCCA legends alongside the likes of Mark Donohue, Paul Newman and Jim Downing in the annals of history."

Editor-in-chief of both RACER and SportsCar, Laurence Foster is in unique position to view where SportsCar resides among motorsports publications.

"Every day we have the privilege of covering motorsport from the highest levels to amateur racers of the SCCA who compete not for financial reward but for a true love of the sport," says Foster. "That's something worth celebrating, and it has always been the mission of SportsCar to represent and record that passion."

SportsCar is published 12 times annually, and is included as part of every full membership in the Sports Car Club of America. With 65,000 full or part-time members in the club, SportsCar is audited by the Alliance for Audited Media with more than 35,000 print copies distributed per month. Multiple-member households (that are a common trait of SCCA membership) only receive one copy.

SportsCar's team of editors and writers also contribute regular content about the SCCA to North American market-leading motorsports media properties RACER.com and RACER Magazine.

For information about advertising in SportsCar please visit: www.Advertise.Racer.com. To learn more about the SCCA and its diverse motorsports programs please visit: www.SCCA.com.

The Busy Season

It’s that time of year when the racing season winds down that RACER Studio inevitably ramps up with work we can’t quite talk about until the new season begins. In the meantime, we can look back on some pretty cool work that we did this year.

From custom content creation to video capture and advertising campaigns to event production for a variety of clients that ranged from auto makers to sanctioning bodies, we pulled off a dizzying array of work. It gave us the chance to work with both great clients as well as some very talented photographers, writers and designers. You can check much of the work out at racerstudio.com.